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From the initial idea to managing the property - every­thing from a one-stop solution

For the past 25 years, our corpo­rate philo­sophy has been to make a positive contri­bu­tion to impro­ving urban ecosys­tems. We are actively involved in shaping work and living - the life of tomorrow - via our real estate projects. Central to our work are the needs of the users and residents of our proper­ties. Working in partner­ship and on an equal footing, we develop contem­po­rary and sustainable concepts that can respond to societal, political and economic transformation.

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HAMBURG TEAM in numbers

> € 4 billion

Current volume of projects 
and investments

> 140

Projects and properties



Active throug­hout Germany

HAMBURG TEAM carries its origins in its name. Today, we are active all over Germany by means of our business divisions.

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HAMBURG TEAM Projekt­ent­wick­lung is active throug­hout Germany as a self-inves­ting developer. The focus of our work is the creation of sustainable urban living spaces for living and working.


HAMBURG TEAM Invest­ment Manage­ment is a strategic partner for insti­tu­tional inves­tors. The company has compre­hen­sive real estate and capital market knowledge and follows a holistic approach to service that spans the entire real estate cycle.

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HAMBURG TEAM Property Manage­ment provides commer­cial and technical adminis­tra­tion as well as leasing manage­ment for more than 60 proper­ties throug­hout Germany. Befit­ting the exper­tise of the HAMBURG TEAM Group in the field of high-quality residen­tial construc­tion and the develo­p­ment of function­ally mixed urban quarters, the focus is on the manage­ment of inner-city property portfolios.

Environ­mental, Social, Governance

With our projects, we actively parti­ci­pate in the further develo­p­ment of cities and are very conscious of the fact that in doing so, we also assume respon­si­bi­lity for people and the environment.

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For the past 25 years, our corpo­rate philo­sophy has been to make a positive contri­bu­tion to impro­ving urban ecosys­tems. We are actively involved in shaping work and living - the life of tomorrow - via our real estate projects.


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Invest­ment profile

Top 7 invest­ment locations as well as other metro­po­litan and univer­sity cities with positive socio-economic and demogra­phic trends.

Attrac­tive urban settings, located close to city centres with strong to very strong public trans­port links; sound to very sound local amenity structures.


  • Priva­tely financed and state-subsi­dised residen­tial properties
  • Residen­tial and commer­cial proper­ties with at lease 70% residen­tial share
  • Conver­sion projects and developments.

Key Criteria
Proper­ties should compro­mise a minimum of 30 units and not be subject to heritable rights.

Transac­tion Structures

  • asset deal
  • share deal
  • forward funding
  • invest­ment volume
  • from €10 million/property.

Invest­ment profile

Germany-wide, in locations with corre­spon­ding demand and positive demogra­phic data (no popula­tion decline, high propor­tion of over-65s), prefer­ably top 30 locations, but also peripheral locations with a catch­ment area of over 15,000 inhabi­tants. 

Attrac­tive locations close to the centre, favourable to very favourable public trans­port connec­tions, good to very good local supply structure.

Assisted living with accom­panying services for seniors (e.g., outpa­tient, assisted living commu­nity, day care, outpa­tient service); full inpatient nursing homes; senior residences; additional usage (e.g., nursery, compact gastro­nomy unit, physio­the­rapy, etc.) available. 

Essen­tial criteria
Existing proper­ties and develo­p­ments; regio­nally networked and credit­worthy opera­tors with experi­enced manage­ment; no heritable building rights.

Transac­tion Structures

  • asset deal (preferred)
  • share deal
  • forward funding.

Invest­ment profile

Major office markets in German large and medium-sized cities with > 500,000 inhabi­tants, urban and mixed-use inner-city and near-city micro-locations with excel­lent acces­si­bi­lity and trans­por­ta­tion links.

Attrac­tive urban locations in close proxi­mity to city centres with sound to very sound public trans­port links; excel­lent to outstan­ding local ameni­ties struc­ture.

Office proper­ties, trans­for­ma­tion proper­ties, business parks and mixed-use proper­ties with a primary office component.

Risk-return profile
Core plus and value add.

Key criteria

  • Single or multi-tenant existing proper­ties, moder­nized or refur­bis­hable existing building struc­ture, flexible floor plan layouts, short- to long-term lease terms 
  • Transac­tion struc­tures 
  • Asset and share deals 
  • Invest­ment volume 
  • Minimum property volume €20 million.

Invest­ment profile

Major German cities and their metro­po­litan regions with positive socio-economic and demogra­phic develo­p­ment.

Attrac­tive urban locations with sound to very sound public trans­port connec­tions; very well integrated into the existing range of services in the surroun­ding area. 

Quarters which enable a high level of diver­si­fi­ca­tion by means of diffe­rent utili­sa­tion types and a broad mix of tenants - inter­play of proper­ties used for diffe­rent purposes in the areas of residen­tial, work and life; an example of a mixed use being: residen­tial, day-care centre, hotel, catering, office, retail; generous and high-quality designed outdoor spaces; future-oriented mobility concept. 

Key criteria

  • Existing proper­ties and develo­p­ments 
  • No heritable building rights.

Transac­tion structures 

  • Asset deal 
  • Share Deal 
  • Forward funding.

Invest­ment volume
Invest­ment volume of ca. €100 million per quarter.

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